Kruhl - von Strenge Rechtsanwwaelte


Within our areas of expertise – public law, construction and real estate law, and public procurement law – we are general practitioners advising clients on all legal issues that may arise.

In addition, we act as legal project managers for complex transactions, PPP projects, permitting proceedings and project developments, managing and coordinating the legal relationships among the various project participants. We support projects from the planning phase all the way to completion.

KRUHL · VON STRENGE primarily serves as legal consultants of their clients. In our experience, the interests of the client are in many cases best served if disputes can be amicably resolved or avoided altogether. If a dispute cannot be avoided or resolved, we will also pursue the interests of our clients in litigation proceedings, such as objection proceedings, public procurement review proceedings, administrative and civil proceedings, with resolve and great personal commitment.

Our close working relationships with specialized law firms from other areas of the law and jurisdictions allow us to provide clients with the full spectrum of services.