Kruhl - von Strenge Rechtsanwwaelte


KRUHL · VON STRENGE advises banks, real estate companies, and public entities on complex real estate financing transactions in connection with project developments, real estate purchases, and PPP projects. We draft loan and security agreements, and assess the fulfillment of disbursement conditions until disbursement of the loan.

For PPP projects, we advise clients on the financing structure, draft financing agreements (factoring agreements, waivers of defenses, etc.), and coordinate such agreements with other project agreements.

We provide counsel on real estate leasing agreements with the goal of coordinating the real property purchase agreement (depending on the project structure: real property purchase, heritable building right purchase, or long-term lease agreement), with lease agreements, construction agreements, repurchase options, and other agreements. As part of our real estate financing services for banks, we also draft standard contracts and amend such contracts to account for changes in applicable case law.