Kruhl - von Strenge Rechtsanwwaelte


KRUHL · VON STRENGE provides comprehensive advice on company law for public companies. Our advice includes the legal support of the incorporation of such companies in compliance with financing, public procurement and state aid as well as company law requirements and the subsequent legal advice to this company. We cover the entire interface between business law and public law.

The lawyers of  KRUHL · VON STRENGE have specific knowledge as regards the structuring of public enterprices in terms of procurement requirements, e.g. by way of outsourcing or the transfer of functions to companies as part of an inter-municipal cooperation.

Our advice to public companies includes the financing of public enterprices. We are very familiar with all the funding models for public companies and advice on the drafting and negotiation of finance documentation.

KRUHL · VON STRENGE also advises extensively on privatization projects. We know the different facets of privatization and can offer solutions which are tailored to the needs of our clients.