Kruhl - von Strenge Rechtsanwwaelte


German case law on construction contracts has been continuously evolving over the past several years. The Federal Supreme Court is applying ever more stringent standards to assess the validity of terms and conditions in construction contracts. Many terms and conditions in construction contracts -- from guarantees to contractual penalties -- which were standard and widely used in the industry not long ago are now considered invalid by courts because they violate German laws on general terms and conditions.

KRUHL · VON STRENGE drafts construction contracts and contracts with architects on the basis of the most recent developments in German case law.

Because we continuously monitor new developments in German construction law, we are often able to anticipate changes in case law and take those changes into consideration when drafting contracts.

We proactively support our clients during the entire construction phase and ensure enforcement of the contract terms. After acceptance, we assist our clients with the prosecution of any warranty claims.

As experienced construction litigators we represent our clients in construction litigation matters with great resolve. In doing so, we always attempt to resolve disputes on terms favorable to our clients as early as possible.

In cases involving the insolvency of a general contractor, we develop plans to limit the financial consequences of insolvency to the best extent possible.