Kruhl - von Strenge Rechtsanwwaelte


The lease agreement is the contract of central importance in the real estate business. It is the sole source of income from real estate during the leasing phase, and forms the basis for calculating the purchase price in the event of sale. It is therefore critical that lease agreements are drafted in compliance with the complex requirements of German law, including requirements for general terms and conditions.

In this connection, it should be noted that not only a dispute between lessor and lessee, but in many cases mere doubts about the interpretation of validity of a clause can cause substantial financial losses for the lessor. This is true, in particular, if a future buyer assigns a lower purchase price to the property to account for the resulting risk.

We advise clients on lease agreements as well as addenda to lease agreements. We prepare standard lease agreements in consideration of current case law. For institutional real estate investors, we continuously analyze new developments in German case law on commercial leasing and notify clients of any necessary changes to standard lease agreements.

If disputes arise in connection with these agreements, we rigorously enforce claims of our clients in or out of court.

We advise several national and international real estate funds with portfolios of several thousand commercial leasehold properties on all leasing issues.