Kruhl - von Strenge Rechtsanwwaelte


Public building and planning law is another core practice area of KRUHL · VON STRENGE. Our partners have the competence and experience to provide top-notch legal advice on all issues arising in this area, from simple building permits to development and land use plans, to complex plan approval proceedings.

Thanks to our knowledge of the procedural aspects, we are able to optimally represent the interests of our clients in this area. This applies not only to "conventional" areas of public building law, but also the entire spectrum of planning law, such as plan approval proceedings under the laws and regulations on water, waterways, highways, mining, aviation and railroad, as well as farm land reallocation proceedings.

We advise project principals on the implementation of projects, and also offer them project management expertise. In addition, we provide legal counsel to project participants and assist with the enforcement of legal remedies, such as legal review proceedings aimed at defeating urban development plans.